Health is Contagious

Eat a little better. Move a little more. We all know what it takes to improve our health. But often we do not reach our goals due to lack of support. At the Microclinic, Take Action 4 Better Health, set goals as a team of 2-6 people. You’ll receive points for achieving those goals and those points can be turned into prizes!  Every Microclinic, a healthy meal is prepared by Dietician, Bridget Lykins. This Microclinic it was the participants turn to cook a healthy meal! The Microcl...

Have you herd?

How does community immunity work? Germs can travel quickly through a community and make a lot of people sick. If enough people get sick, it can lead to an outbreak. But when enough people are vaccinated against a certain disease, the germs can’t travel as easily from person to person — and the entire community is less likely to get the disease. That means even people who can’t get vaccinated will have some protection from getting sick. And if a person does get sick, there’s le...

Power Outages – What to do when the lights go out

Person in yellow raincoat looking at power line
Extended power outages may impact the whole community and the economy. A power outage is when the electrical power goes out unexpectedly. A power outage may: Disrupt communications, water, and transportation.Close retail businesses, grocery stores, gas stations, ATMs, banks, and other services.Cause food spoilage and water contamination.Prevent use of medical devices. PROTECT YOURSELF DURING A POWER OUTAGE: Keep freezers and refrigerators closed.Only use generators outdoors and awa...