COVID Frequently Asked Questions

Mandatory Masks

How many citations has the Buffalo Trace District Health Department written for businesses not in compliance with Executive Order 2020-586 and 902 KAR 2:190E?

BTDHD has written zero citations.

Does the Buffalo Trace District Health Department patrol for mandatory mask non-compliance?

No. BTDHD follows up on citizen complaints. This is similar to how BTDHD investigates and follows up on environmental nuisance complaints and complaints of unsanitary food establishments.

How does the Buffalo Trace District Health Department follow-up on citizen complaints made about local mask non-compliance?

BTDHD follow-up consists of calling the businesses to alert them we have received a complaint and providing assistance to help the business follow the law the Governor has executed. If the complaints persist, we will and have done site visits in order to witness and or validate the complaint.

Do local health departments have the power to arrest citizens not wearing masks?

No. Arrest powers are held only by law enforcement, local and state police, and sheriff agencies.

Will law enforcement be enforcing Executive Order 2020-586 and 902 KAR 2:190E?

No. However, should a patron who refuses to wear a mask or accept a reasonable accommodation and insists on entering a business, that business has the right to call law enforcement for trespassing.

What is the process for issuing a citation?

BTDHD will write a citation for mandatory mask the non-compliance will be 1st a citizen complaint, 2nd then witnessed and verified by a health department staff, 3rd an attempt to have the business correct, and then lastly issuing a citation.


*Citations will not be written freely. BTDHD feels our community as a whole is much better and will not need a citation to make the best decisions to protect their family, friends, and neighbors from contracting COVID-19.

What is the due process for revoking citations?

The Due Process is outlined in KRS 13B.