The Buffalo Trace District Health Department publishes a quarterly newsletter that serves as a report and update for BTDHD staff, board members, and the entire community.

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From the Director’s Desk (an excerpt from the October 2017 newsletter)

“When I began my career with our Health Department, I authored and published a newsletter for our staff. For those of you who have been an employee of our Health Department for BTDHD Public Health Director Allison Adamsmore than 12 years, you may remember reading some of those newsletters. I am happy to announce that our newsletter is back and will become a quarterly report and update to our staff, our board members, and our
“… I had the privilege to attend the Bost Forum. The Bost Forum is an annual conference on health policy. The focus for this year’s conference was Kentucky’s substance abuse crisis. As you can imagine, I heard several subject matter experts delivering their version of the best strategy to address the crisis. I also heard one single speaker say, the solution to this crisis lies within the community and it is not a single strategy, but many strategies, patience and a community effort, that will solve the crisis. This thought is exactly public health!
“Take any issue that has a positive or negative influence on the opportunity to achieve health, and you can tie it back to the work or lack of work of local, state, and national public health systems. “Public Health is what we, as a society, do collectively through organized actions to assure the conditions in which all people can be healthy.” Institute of Medicine – 1988.
“The work you do, as Health Department employees, effects the health of the community you serve. It is not just the single WIC client encounter, the single HANDS family, septic system or restaurant inspection, a syringe exchange client, or just a health education class or a strategic planning meeting. What is being done is a collective impact approach. Because you did your job, someone and other people had a better opportunity or chance at health. You, our local public health workforce are the silent champions for health. Though most times your hard work and dedication goes unnoticed and seems thankless, please don’t lose energy. Your work is essential. Transforming our culture to a culture of health is piecemeal, meaning every little and big thing you do is essential to our Mission and Vision. In time, you will be recognized and thanked by the community you have tirelessly served.
“I want to thank you for your tireless work and dedication you provide to the operation of our Health Department. I believe we are a staff who performs not because we are expecting a thank you, but because we know it’s the right thing to do. I believe each of our staff are public servants who stand up for the opportunity for health for the people of Mason and Robertson County and for that… Thank you!”

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