Fall Rabies Clinic

This September, the Buffalo Trace District Health Department is offering a Fall Rabies Clinic to protect your pet and your family against the fatal disease. With deer season nearly upon us, it is important to get your pet vaccinated as they are likely to have increased risk of exposure to the disease most commonly carried by wild animals such as raccoons, skunks, bats, and foxes. This disease is transmittable to humans who have been bitten, scratched, or have come into contact with saliva or nervous tissue of an affected animal. It is important to report all animal bites and other injuries to humans caused by animals to your local health department.

SAFETY FIRST! We love our pets like family and would do anything to keep them both safe. It only takes one bite from an infected animal for pets and humans alike to contract this fatal disease. Protect your pet and family with the rabies vaccination offered this September for only a $10.00 fee. CALL (606) 759-5496 (Town and Country) or (606) 759-7115 (Colonial Heights) FOR MORE INFORMATION.