Health is Contagious

Eat a little better. Move a little more. We all know what it takes to improve our health. But often we do not reach our goals due to lack of support. At the Microclinic, Take Action 4 Better Health, set goals as a team of 2-6 people. You’ll receive points for achieving those goals and those points can be turned into prizes! 

Every Microclinic, a healthy meal is prepared by Dietician, Bridget Lykins. This Microclinic it was the participants turn to cook a healthy meal!

The Microclinic was founded in 2005 as an international community health program. Abroad, diabetic Microclinic participants have been able to keep their blood sugar down 2 years after completing the program. After worldly success, the Microclinic was brought back to the United States and was first tested nearby in Bell County. In Kentucky, 95% of Microclinic participants improved in at least 1 indicator for chronic disease. So we ask, what is it about the Microclinic that improves health so successfully?

Microclinic took a tour of the local grocery store. They learned about healthy choices available right here in Mason County.

Building on epidemiological evidence suggesting that healthy behaviors are transmittable across social networks, the Microclinic Model leverages human relationships to address both non-infectious and infectious disease epidemics such as diabetes.

But you don’t have to have diabetes to participate. Maybe you suffer from heart disease or arthritis or want to prevent yourself from getting either of those. This program is for anyone who wants to benefit from living a healthier lifestyle whatever the reason may be. Perhaps you just want to lose weight or have more energy for daily activities. If negative behaviors like smoking and overeating can be contagious, so can positive, healthy behaviors. This is what we call “contagious health.”

In addition to health food choices, participants learn about the importance of exercise and building muscle.

What exactly is a “Microclinic?” It is not a small building, but a human network consisting of small groups of people who share access to education, technology and social support as members work together to prevent and manage a disease. Built on social relationships and social capital rather than bricks and mortar, Microclinics put the power of health directly into the hands of the people who need it most. 

The Microclinic is a fun free program that helps people make lasting lifestyle changes with the help of friends and family! This team-based program meets at the Buffalo Trace District Health Department once a week for four months. Led by dietician Bridget Lykins who has been an advocate for healthy living for 27 years. Get the tools you need to live a healthier life and make friends and win prizes along the way! Call (606) 564-9447 to register or for more information. Next session begins February 3, 2019 at 5:30 PM. Dinners provided.