Community Health Plans

The Mason County Health Coalition’s (MCHC) mission is to create a sustainable culture of health in our community by working together to make it easier for individuals to improve their own well-being.

Our CHIP (Community Health Improvement Plan) is the result of the continued efforts of our Health Coalition members and the staff of our Health Department following our Community Health Assessment (CHA). Please take some time to review the information and data collected in our CHIP & CHA documents which are also linked below.

When you review our plans, please notice our initiatives in the form of Goals, Strategies, and Action Items. We invite and welcome you to become part of any of these initiatives. It is our hope that you can relate to many of our initiatives.

More importantly, we welcome your feedback to our CHIP & CHA and encourage you to be active in building a Culture of Health in Mason County and surrounding areas. For all of the latest and greatest information about us, Like us on Facebook, and visit us at

CHIP – Community Health Improvement Plan: Click Here to View

CHA – Community Health Assessment: Click Here to View