Health is Contagious

Eat a little better. Move a little more. We all know what it takes to improve our health. But often we do not reach our goals due to lack of support. At the Microclinic, Take Action 4 Better Health, set goals as a team of 2-6 people. You’ll receive points for achieving those goals and those points can be turned into prizes!  Every Microclinic, a healthy meal is prepared by Dietician, Bridget Lykins. This Microclinic it was the participants turn to cook a healthy meal! The Microcl...

Take Action 4 Better Health, Micro clinic Begins Next Month

Health is contagious! Take Action 4 Better Health is a fun, free program that helps people make lasting lifestyle changes with the help of friends and family! This team-based program meets at the Buffalo Trace District Health Department once a week for four months. Get the tools you need to live a healthier life and make friends and win prizes along the way! For more information or to register, call 606-564-9447. Next Session Begins: SEPTEMBER 16 at 11:00 A.M.