Climate Change & Health

By: Rachel Chinn Climate Change & Public Health - How climate change is affecting public health There is scientific agreement that the global climate is changing. This year closes out what is expected to be the hottest decade ever recorded, according to a new report from the United Nations' World Meteorological Organization. A press release for the report claims that the past decade was one of "exceptional global heat," and states that 2019 is likely to be the "second or third war...

What is the Smoke-Free Partnership?

Smoke-free partnership logo
Two questions concerned citizens of Mason County Public Health should be able to answer are: 1) "Why is secondhand smoke a public health issue?" and 2) "What is the Smoke-Free Partnership?"  So, why is secondhand smoke a public health issue?  Nowadays most people believe and understand that preventing tobacco-use and helping tobacco users quit can improve their health and quality of life. Even so, people still have a right to smoke. The issue becomes one of public he...